The Big M

Ok cliche title, I know but I post only ideas and things that I’ve experienced in my life and a good 1/3rd of that consists of weddings…

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Welcome back to The Orchard!

Where I share one creative concept or idea from one human to another. For the past 4-5 years of my life I have been in a decent number of weddings. and the magic number isssss: 6! (as of this post). Every time I go on Facebook someone is either engaged, married or pregnant. Now the reason for this is very well due to young culture I am surrounded by (and involved in), the schools and colleges I’ve attended, and the type of friends I keep. Of course, I’m sure you’ll learn more about that part of my life later as this blog lives on. Marriage and weddings almost seem like a quaint cliche since I see them happen ALL the time. Sometimes we get so used to seeing this happen, not that we forget the meaning, but we tend to brush it off to carry on with our day (myself included). Lowkey, doing this keeps me from looking like a blubbery train wreck at each wedding I go to.

But just marinate with me in this idea just for a second.

Marriage, the one time we get the choose our family, I’d like to think is an amazing act of God. The big picture beauty that The Almighty formed by His hands, joining together not only two people but two families, two passions, two joys, two hardships, two struggles, two prayers, two futures and more…to think of what marriage really is proves the strategic and grand plans of The Creator. Don’t you think? I mean who else can fuse two different singular futures into one?

Now bare with me, this will be a lot of “he said she said” for just a moment.

My best friend told me of how her roommates boyfriend proposed to her in church! Whaaaattt!!!! Now a normal person would have a thought process similar to: “Awww how sweet” and for you guys out there: “Kool” or “Nice!” but to me. I flipped out! Now don’t get me wrong I do think a nice proposal is great and all and I know that a lot of people have done proposals in churches. Its just that to me, doing something in God’s house vs anywhere else has a different meaning. Almost, a slightly elevated meaning. I feel like shouldn’t all marriages/marriage proposals feel like that? An elevated feeling? You’re making a life promise to another person who hears, sees, and feels. Just like you they have conscious emotions too; its not just another phrase or cliche sentence, you are asking someone to pledge the rest of their lives with you. To me thats beauty only God can create. Right?

I recently came back from a wedding and while I was there a friend of mine and I were conversing with each other about relationships. To be honest we were talking quite bitterly about them, (mind you we are both in very healthy relationships). I realized at this point in my life you see how much work really goes into a relationship. Can you imagine what a relationship would be without God’s hand in it at all? I don’t believe it matters what religious preference you are, because this is bigger than all of that. What the Lord has brought together let NO man separate. What The Almighty chooses to do let NO man delay. Don’t you know? The Lord God knows the plans He has for you, plans to lead you into His kingdom into the glorious blessings for you! Blessings that fill your life and the life of others through you.

So in conclusion, cheers to the newlyweds in my life, let your marriage be not a hindrance or a deterrent to others but a bountiful blessing. Let God bless others through you, through your marriage. Let Him take you higher, let Him give you the Gods eye view on the plans He wants for you and your future generations!

Those are my thoughts what are yours?
Till next time friends!



First blog post!

Welcome Friends!

Welcome to my first blog post, I’ve had plans to make my first post for a while and I must admit I was, and still am terrified to post it. A couple of my friends told me that everyone’s “first” is never great or “perfect” in which I agree, I guess it’s just something I really wanna get right the first time ya know? Anyways for my first post I’ll do something simple that will help you get to know me better? So my topic: Write about an item you own that is not worth much money but has great value to you.

First of all let’s get all of the main things outta the way such as my Bible. I of course believe that my bible has a value that can’t be placed, but let’s take that out of the equation for this topic for now. One thing that has ENORMOUS value to me is this doll that I’ve had since I was born. She is tan colored, used to have blue eyes and a squeaker for a heart. I’m sure this sounds really stupid but it’s true I love that thing to death. It looks terrible because it’s been through soo much. But she has been with me through thick and thin. I Swore I would keep her for as long as I possibly could and I have and am proud to have actually held on to something for soo long.

So let me have the same opportunity I gave you fine folks. Tell me about something you’ve owned that may not be worth much money but has great value to you. Till next time friends!